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Frameless Internal Installations

Clear Beauty

Divide your space without the clutter

For an all inclusive office environment that at the same time has walls for delineation of space, the only solution is seamless glass.  Highrise buildings get to maintain views.  Modern, sleek office environments have reduced visual clutter with the use of glass only. They say less is more.  With frameless internal fit-outs you can achieve a 360 degree unobstructed view of your office environment.  With floor to ceiling glass panels, you will create a unified working environment which at the same time provides walls to section of separate office spaces, boardrooms etc. Spaces can be accessed via: - frameless hinged doors - frameless sliding door - frameless auto ready doors If you need to stack or fold away whole walls to create larger areas, you can consider installing frameless bi-fold or stacking doors.  Contact our office today to discuss your needs and let us help you design the perfect office environment. 
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